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Boost your retirement savings with a free pension comparison.

Due to Government legislation you’re unable to access your pension fund before the age of 55. Annuity providers won’t give a live quote to anyone under 55, as it wouldn’t be an accurate indication of the retirement income you’ll receive.

But you could still benefit from a pension comparison with one of our trusted partners. Switching providers could reduce management fees, boosting your savings and increasing your retirement fund. A bigger pension will result in a better annuity quote when you are ready to retire.

Because you’ve already entered some of your details, to provide you with a comparison we simply need to know how much your pension is currently worth. We also need to take your phone number so we can connect you with a retirement specialist.

What we offer

  • Discuss how you can reduce pension management fees and maximise your savings - so you have a higher income when you retire.

  • Review any other savings and investments you may have - to make the most of your money.

  • Explore investment opportunities - grow your savings faster

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Our service is really easy to use, but we understand it often helps to speak with somebody personally. One of our team will help you through the process from start to finish, and provide additional support where it’s needed.

Who we've helped.

Simple and understandable

Katheryn Allen, 53, was completely in the dark about her pension. As part of her pension comparison, everything was clearly explained. She was able to reduce management fees to ensure a higher income when she retires.

More income in retirement

Following a pension comparison, Daniel Osborne, 49, got better investment returns by transferring his retirement savings to a new provider. This means more income and a better annuity rate in retirement.